gas bubble

gas bubble
газовый пузырёк

English-russian dictionary of physics. 2013.

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  • gas bubble disease — supersaturated gases (>115 125%) in water entering the the body fluids of fish causing bubbles, an embolism. Often seen in gills, eyes, skin and yolk sacs where membranes are the most gas permeable. Fish often swim upside down or vertically,… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • gas supersaturation — the overabundance of gases in turbulent water, such as at the base of a dam spillway. Can cause a fatal condition in fish similar to the bends (see gas bubble disease) …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Gas core reactor rocket — Gas core reactor rockets are a conceptual type of rocket that is propelled by the exhausted coolant of a gaseous fission reactor. The nuclear fission reactor core may be either a gas or plasma. They may be capable of creating specific impulses of …   Wikipedia

  • Bubble — may refer to:Physical bubbles* Liquid bubble, a globule of one substance encased in another, usually air in a liquid * Soap bubble, a bubble formed by soapy water * Antibubble, a droplet of liquid surrounded by a thin film of gasArts and… …   Wikipedia

  • Bubble — Bub ble, n. [Cf. D. bobbel, Dan. boble, Sw. bubbla. Cf. {Blob}, n.] 1. A thin film of liquid inflated with air or gas; as, a soap bubble; bubbles on the surface of a river. [1913 Webster] Beads of sweat have stood upon thy brow, Like bubbles in a …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bubble — ► NOUN 1) a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas. 2) an air or gas filled spherical cavity in a liquid or a solidified liquid such as glass. 3) a transparent domed cover. ► VERB 1) (of a liquid) be agitated by rising bubbles of air… …   English terms dictionary

  • bubble — [bub′əl] n. [ME bobel, of echoic orig., as in MDu bubbel] 1. a very thin film of liquid forming a ball around air or gas [soap bubbles] 2. a tiny ball of air or gas in a liquid or solid, as in carbonated water, glass, etc. 3. anything shaped like …   English World dictionary

  • Gas chromatography — A gas chromatograph with a headspace sampler Acronym GLC, GC Classification chromatography Analytes organic inorganic …   Wikipedia

  • Gas exchange — or respiration takes place at a respiratory surface a boundary between the external environment and the interior of the body. For unicellular organisms the respiratory surface is Fick s law we can predict that respiratory surfaces must have: *a… …   Wikipedia

  • bubble — bub|ble1 [ bʌbl ] noun count * 1. ) a ball of air or gas in a liquid: Gas bubbles in any liquid tend to rise to the surface. Heat the milk until bubbles form around the edge of the pan. a ) a ball of air or gas in a substance that has become… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bubble — [[t]bʌ̱b(ə)l[/t]] bubbles, bubbling, bubbled 1) N COUNT Bubbles are small balls of air or gas in a liquid. Ink particles attach themselves to air bubbles and rise to the surface. ...a bubble of gas trapped under the surface. 2) N COUNT A bubble… …   English dictionary

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